Sports Betting Rules

There is no doubt that online sports betting is very popular nowadays, more and more people are hooked. However, most of them have limited understanding of sports betting rules or have failed to read the rules book before making a bet. Reading the regulations first hand and spending time to go over the rules is a time well spent. Generally, sports betting rules follow the universal rules like the duration of the game but there are instances that bitcoin sportsbook handles things differently.

Universal Rules

Every online sportsbook follows the same rules in terms of the constitution of an official game. Typically, games are declared official if football is played 55 minutes, 43 minutes for NBA and 35 minutes for the WNBA and college basketball. This does not appear to be an important concern but there are some cases that a game has unforeseen circumstances. For instance, in 1976 the football game needs to be stopped nearing the end of the third quarter because of a massive thunderstorm.

This game was between College All-Star and Pittsburg Steelers, the Pittsburg Steelers had a victory to the score of 24-0 but those who wagered for them did not get their winnings because the game was not able to reach 55 minutes. If there is one sport that comes to play more than the official game, that would be baseball. The weather can greatly affect the game’s outcome.

The basic rule of baseball depends at various points and wagers. For sides, it is considered official if it finishes five innings or even 4.5 innings given that the home team is leading. On the other hand, run line bets and totals are another area of concern, the game is considered official if it reached 9 innings or 8.5 if the home team is leading. If the game is not declared official, you cannot encash your tickets even if your team wins.

Specific Rules

Again, baseball has an important part in the specific rules of the sportsbook especially those who are involved in the starting pitchers. In most sportsbook, the team must specify who will be the starting pitcher for the wager. If the starting pitcher of either team failed to go, then the wager becomes void.

Local Bookies

For local bookmakers, they are the people who will greatly benefit of knowing sports betting rules beforehand. Most of them have the habit of going into the details of the rules depending on which is beneficial for them. Finally, spending just a few minutes to read the sports betting rules will be beneficial for any sports bettor so that you will not be surprised if anything happens in the game.

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