Relationship Between Gambling And Sport

The relationship between gambling and sport is complicated, the manipulation and match fixing are growing threats to the sport’s integrity. Today, there is an increasing reported cases that need proper attention among sports authorities. The UEFA president cited that match fixing is the biggest threat to the sport of football while the European authorities suspect that all throughout the world, about 680 games are actually fixed.

With this growing problem in the sports world, authorities have been doing examinations in relation to the international efforts undertaken to eradicate manipulation of events and fixtures. The Council of Europe seeks to draft a convention for international sports authorities to help reduce or eliminate this problem. Also, the United Nations and European Commission will establish additional protocols, this is one of their priorities since the relationship between gambling and sport is getting more controversial.

Recently, this relationship poses a growing concern not just for sports authorities worldwide but including sports clubs and communities. There are foundations developed to counter the issues in relation to gambling and sports by supporting and encouraging healthy and responsible sport environments.

The foundation aims to:

  • Assist clubs to preserve the true essence of their sport through separation of gambling.
  • Shift the fans focus back to basic, it must be instilled that the main focus why they became fanatics is their love for the game and not the odds.
  • Minimize exposure to advertising and gambling activities.
  • Educate people of the associated risks when they engage in gambling.
  • Increase awareness about responsible gambling.
  • Assist to prevent gambling problems and other related harmful activities.
  • Add help services for gamblers who need assistance.

In addition, to lessen the problem between gambling and sports, they formulated a Responsible Gambling Charter, this will help various clubs to take a more responsible approach when it comes to gambling. When the various clubs sign in to this charter, they are committed to minimize gambling exposure of different activities to young people. Also, this will increase awareness of the potential risks brought about by gambling.

Finally, as there is an increasing problem between gambling and sports, it is now the perfect time to look into this matter and develop strategies to minimize the growing problem.

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